$FUTR Ecosystem and its Tokenomics

3 min readAug 22, 2022

The true value and sustainability of a project are determined by the native token’s utility and distribution. A robust tokenomics is important to gain the trust of the investors and community and receive funding that will help the project’s growth.

Tokenomics and the project’s use cases are two of the most important factors investors carefully vest before deciding. Futurent understands the vitality of a sound tokenomics model and has designed a resourceful ecosystem powered by the native $FUTR token.

$FUTR Token

$FUTR is a utility token which will be launched on Polygon / Matic in Q4 of 2022 and it will follow ERC 20 standards. The token acts as the payment token for Futurent and allows the holders to use several features offered by the platform. Starting with the launch on Polygon / Matic, $FUTR will be subsequently launched on multiple networks and enable all users to invest into NFT Bricks, trade or rent Real estate and Metaverse properties under certain procedures.

The $FUTR token empowers a variety of services, including DAO Voting rights, Early access strategy, CEX/DEX Trading, Platform fees sharing model, Escrow Service Holdings, Staking & LM Pools, Dashboard Access, and Community Rewards. Apart from these apparent services, the token also helps in offering community benefits, check the full list:

· Free NFT Bricks trading
· DAO Voting rights
· Platform fees distribution model
· Dashboard access for asset management
· Exclusive discount deals with our partners
· Staking tiers with additional benefits
· Early bird access for new listings
· An advanced revenue claim system
· Escrow service option on the platform
· Special Airdrops and Giveaways
· Higher NFT Bricks “allocations”
· Lower fees using the platform
· Custom revenue claim system

$FUTR token has a fixed total supply of 1 billion, which is distributed in the following manner:
Angel Round 3.5%
Seed Round 6%
Strategic Round 8%
Private Sale round 5.5%
Public Sale round 2.5%
Team 10%
Advisors 6%
Treasury 10%
Ecosystem & Development 12%
Partnerships & Growth 8%
Marketing 8%
Staking & Community Incentives 12%
Liquidity 9%

Token symbol $FUTR

Total supply

TGE Market Cap $445.000

Fully diluted Market Cap $25.000.000

Listing price $0.025

Futurent has developed a resourceful project that caters to the Real estate and Metaverse properties using the power of NFTs. The $FUTR token plays a crucial role in making the services available to the users and enabling numerous benefits within the ecosystem.

About Futurent
Futurent is a Web3 investment platform providing Fractionalized NFT Real estate & Metaverse Properties — most likely one-of-a-kind project out there! Innovative approach makes Real estate and/or Metaverse property investments simple and accessible. Starting from $50, buyers can boast instantaneous digital ownership and economic rights in a matter of seconds. Transfers enable benefits such as rental revenue shares and DAO voting rights. Generating an amazing passive income of up to 90% on top of it!

Futurent is powered by a flexible trading platform that supports high-yield hunting investors and companies in the adoption of cryptocurrency payments in the sector. The project is transforming the way users interact with NFT Real-world assets and Metaverse properties. To learn more about Futurent, visit please visit: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord |LinkedIn |




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