New Era: Futurent Evolves into YieldBricks

2 min readMay 18, 2023


We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey as we rebrand our blockchain project from Futurent to YieldBricks. This decision comes after careful consideration and aligns with the remarkable growth and development our project has experienced. As we approach the launch date and prepare for an exciting marketing campaign, we believe now is the perfect time to embrace the new name that reflects our vision and values.

YieldBricks logo variations

It’s important to note that this change is not merely a rebranding; rather, it amplifies the core essence of our platform. YieldBricks, which was already the name of our main feature, has emerged as a more captivating, memorable, and meaningful brand to build upon. While Futurent will continue to exist as the name for our sub-product, the marketplace, we are now boldly pushing forward with the YieldBricks brand as the driving force behind our project.

At YieldBricks, we are revolutionizing the investment industry by introducing an innovative approach to fractionalizing Real World Assets (RWAs), making them liquid and accessible to everyone. Our platform empowers individuals to experience the power of owning a fraction of prime real estate and reap stable high-yield rewards effortlessly.

Leveraging the transformative potential of Blockchain and NFT technology, YieldBricks offers automated and secure smart contracts that enable instant and secure ownership transfers. This innovation opens up endless possibilities, unlocking the untapped potential of real estate investment for individuals across the globe.

Our mission is to make DeFi real estate investing quicker, simpler, and easier than ever before. Through the YieldBricks platform, investors can enter the world of real estate investment without the traditional barriers such as high entry costs, lack of liquidity, and complex processes. With us, everyone has the opportunity to participate in the real estate market and benefit from its wealth-generating potential.

We invite you to stay tuned for updates and join us on this extraordinary journey as we reshape the future of real estate investment.

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