The power of inclusion: How YieldBricks is bringing DeFi yield to the masses

3 min readApr 2, 2024

The tokenization of Real World Assets (RWA) is taking the Web3 world by storm. As investors search for the next 100x gem, RWA is setting up a new era of investment opportunities. But who are these opportunities for?

Historically, premium real estate opportunities have been reserved for institutional investors and HNWI. Even now, with tokenized assets, much of the focus is on the big players. Could the recent launch of BlackRock’s BUIDL fund be a game changer? BUIDL, an investment fund on the Ethereum blockchain bringing traditional money market returns to on-chain investors, is certainly causing a stir. But, with a $5 million entry, it caters only to the elite.

Enter YieldBricks.

What makes YieldBricks different?

Unlike most projects that target institutions, YieldBricks aims to make high-return real estate opportunities accessible to private investors. The project is set for launch and TGE with plans to democratize RWA access and open the market to a wider audience.

Liquidity is a big challenge in RWA. YieldBricks navigates this by providing yield opportunities on managed properties, allowing entry into premium real estate for just a fraction of the cost. Investors don’t need to buy an entire property. Instead, they can acquire a small part through tokenized investment and enjoy instant yield.

This approach addresses common liquidity issues and makes RWA investments more appealing for retail investors who want to diversify their portfolios and tap into previously inaccessible yield opportunities.


To lower the entry barrier, YieldBricks has set a minimum investment cost of just $50, opening up opportunities to a wider audience. A no-lockup model allows for liquidity and flexibility so that you can trade freely, without fixed holding periods.

YieldBricks has created an inclusive, user-friendly platform that democratizes access to RWA investments for everyone.

Talented team

YieldBricks’ success is driven by an impressive group of blockchain and real estate investment experts. The team includes talented engineers like CTO Noah Jelic, former Polygon Croatia leadership in Kristijan Skarica, and the visionary CEO and founder Alen Dolsak.

Backed by a track record of 40+ years, YieldBricks is recognized for steering multi-million dollar ventures and managing assets upwards of $200 million in the real estate sector. The YieldBricks team’s diverse experience in property selection and portfolio management helps us choose and capitalize on high-yield investment opportunities.

The bottom line? Our understanding of the real estate market translates to reliable and appealing returns for YieldBricks investors. But what truly sets YieldBricks apart is the collective dedication to making top-tier opportunities accessible for a global audience of retail investors.

Superior yields

YieldBricks stands out by offering higher yields through:

  • A $50 entry point and no lockups, emphasizing an investor-centric approach.
  • A proven investment strategy shaped by an experienced team.
  • A portfolio of internally-owned properties.

Unlike competitors who rely on third-party properties or crowdfunding, YieldBricks’ properties are pre-owned and pre-managed before being opened to DeFi Pools. This approach allows us to deliver superior yields to smaller investors.

Premium real estate opportunities have been gatekept by the elite for too long. YieldBricks is changing that by bringing high-return opportunities to the average investor.

YieldBricks is opening the door to democratized real estate investing. Are you ready to step through?

Learn more about YieldBricks here. Join the community channels on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram to take advantage of RWA while it’s still early.




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