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4 min readAug 22, 2022

The increasing number of hacks and rug pulls in the digital economy makes ensuring user safety and privacy the most vital task for every crypto, blockchain, and DeFi project. However, while assuring safety, privacy, and decentralization is important, users should not be compromised and a comprehensive solution must be achieved by the project that benefits all parties.

Futurent is a Web3 investment platform, focusing on a fractionalized Real estate & Metaverse properties, project, and aims to achieve a trifecta of security, privacy, and decentralization while offering next-level trading and the best investment opportunities.

For Futurent, the safety of its users is paramount. To that extent, the project has implemented several measures that not only secure the platform but also increase the utility.

The most secured investing

All investments on the platform are backed by real-world assets under robust safety protocols such “BIG 4” audit/revision service, that don`t allow anyone except NFT Bricks owners leverage or trade a specific property. Every NFT Brick transaction or transfer is an automated process and will be processed by audited smart contracts and we are adding extra layer of safety with an escrow service when dealing with a third party.

  • Safe DeFi protocols
    Futurent understands the importance of privacy and secures the environment using different DeFi protocols to ensure rewarding and safe investing. Numerous reputable partnerships will guarantee top-end service on every level of the platform.
  • 100% Backed Assets
    All NFT Bricks portfolio assets are pre-owned by Futurent’s legal entity to avoid any legality issues. Moreover, these assets and corresponding revenues are independent of the crypto market conditions. In addition to the before mentioned security protocol with top audit firm, Futurent will minimize a vulnerability basically to an absolute zero.
  • NFT technology benefits
    As Futurent is a blockchain-based platform it is inherently secure. NFT technology is used to instantly transfer the economic rights on-chain to create an immutable proof of ownership and copyright. As manipulating data on the blockchain and NFT is nearly impossible, they offer a secure way to register sensitive information.
    Futurent builds on this principle by adding multiple layers of security and utility with different partners in the space.
  • Guaranteed transparency
    Most of the process is blockchain based which makes it fully transparent and a superb dashboard will deliver all the data to one place. Fashionable and user-experience friendly platform will allow almost “live-tracking” of the portfolio and the protocol performance.
  • High asset liquidity
    The best low-risk investment opportunities usually comes with liquidity issues and Futurent found a solution. By generating higher number of NFT Bricks, the starting price will start at just $50 and there are no lock-ups attached. Meaning that NFT Bricks are tradeable at any time and there will be also insurance & loan features added, which will allow to swap or even leverage them.
  • DAO Governance
    The maximum transparency level is going to be supplemented with the DAO Governance voting system, giving a management right to the NFT Brick owners and there cannot be any foul play to harm the assets in any way without their knowledge. Semi-DAO model will also be used for some decisions on the future platform development and support on portfolio growth decisions.

Safety and security is always a top priority on the Futurent platform and there are several other mechanism and strategies that will be implemented down the roadmap in order to keep the highest possible level on this topic. Launching it on Polygon / Matic is a good way too start too, since it`s proven as one of the safest and fastest blockchain out there and it shall only get better!

About Futurent
Futurent is a Web3 investment platform providing Fractionalized NFT Real estate & Metaverse Properties — most likely one-of-a-kind project out there! Innovative approach makes Real estate and/or Metaverse property investments simple and accessible. Starting from $50, buyers can boast instantaneous digital ownership and economic rights in a matter of seconds. Transfers enable benefits such as rental revenue shares and DAO voting rights. Generating an amazing passive income of up to 90% on top of it!

Futurent is powered by a flexible trading platform that supports high-yield hunting investors and companies in the adoption of cryptocurrency payments in the sector. The project is transforming the way users interact with NFT Real-world assets and Metaverse properties. To learn more about Futurent, visit please visit: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord |LinkedIn |




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